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A walk around Houston village - 16th July 2021
This is a test. Please delete.
ohnstone Band had a piece of music specially commissioned to perform at the recent Kapitol Cory Online Brass Band Championships. The piece, Black Cart Water by Nicholas Olsen, celebrates Johnstone’s industrial past with the thread and cotton mills that were powered by the Black Cart Water. We hope you enjoy our performance. Thanks to Mark Good for his work on the video, to Ryan Bradley for the audio, to Kukscinema Scotland for drone footage and to Iain Murray of Johnstone History Museum for his assistance. Recommendation: Expand video to full screen.

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Some Photographs taken during a walk around Houston
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Friday 16th July, 2021

Weather was very warm and sunny, maybe 25degC

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Graham Rooney
The following photographs were taken during my walk around Houston village centre on Friday 16th July, 2021.
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Houston Main Street
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The Houston Inn

Fox & Hounds pub on South Street
The Fox & Hounds
16th July 2021
Fox and Hounds
Houston War Memorial
Houston House
Houston House
16th July 2021

Houston & Killelan Kirk
16th July 2021
The Old School House
16th July 2021

Kirk Road
16th July 2021